Dealing with anxiety

Updated: Feb 19

Anxiety is the great modern plague.

It was sometime ago now but I remember it like it was 1 minuter ago, im sitting in my house and believing I don't have a worry in the world.

The night falls I can't get to sleep, I feel a pain in my chest, I can't catch my breath, I feel my heart racing I'm filled with panic, worry and feeling of utter fear.

I was 32 at the time healthy, I'm pacing the floor thinking my time was up, Im in disbelief that I'm 32 and having a heart attack, maybe years of abusing my body and caught up with me?????

Time passes and I'm waiting for the ambulance, I gave my symptoms and they send an ambulance urgently. The fear is worse, im now fully immersed in fear and dread

The paramedics arrive check all my vitals. I'm dreading the results, to my surprise my heart is fine, my blood pressure, lungs are all perfect, on the outside everything is fine.

The paramedic informs me it was was properly a panic attack caused by anxiety. I laughed out loud " please I don't suffer with this" . Man how wrong was I

Without any sign or warning it seems my subconscious had developed some form of a trigger mechanism for all my little worries and now used panic attacks as a warning.

I would suffer 4 more panic attacks after this date within two months each one worse than before, the fear got to much I was now also worried about worrying, which if you've suffered with anxiety you will know il isn't great.

4 years on and Ive never suffered one since. I learnt my triggers and created my own mechanism fro putting an end to this evil.

We are now in the middle of a pandemic as I write this and the world has seen a massive increase of anxiety currently we are now at 264 million individuals suffering with anxiety worldwide.

So you're not alone (one less thing to worry about)

So how did I overcome mine?

  1. I learnt and recorded my triggers, as I begin to feel that feeling of impending doom I recorded how I was feeling and what thoughts were firing in my head. As I was recording my thoughts I actually realised it was taking my mind of the actual attack and helping me stay calmer. Now I had the cause and triggers recorded I could begin a plan of action to attack each one one and finally rid myself of this plague.

Triggers can be stress, conflict, financial concerns, negative thinking, caffeine, skipping meals, health issues.

2. My next step I spoke openly about my feelings, I first began to tell friends but often they would laugh and say you need to be more confident or calm down, which is true but if you're plagued by self doubt its easier said than done right?

So I began to talk with a life coach someone who could help me make sense of the triggers and provide me with specialist trying to overcome them.

(This actually lead me to begin. my journey into coaching and gave me a desire to help others, 4 years in and the best career move I've ever made)

3. I had an honest chat with myself, kind of a self assessment to help identify my triggers and using my coach help identify the process to combat them and identify the areas I wasn't happy with in lifer.

4. Patience

The process of discovering your triggers may take time so patience and being honest and open with yourself is key, but trust while your on the road of self discovery and the fact you're talking action is already beginning to solve the issues even before you may have discovered your triggers.

5. Meditation

Meditating helped a lot, at first I was doing 10 minutes away and learning to get control of my thoughts and learn breathing techniques to help keeping calm.



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